Dr. Suzanne Newell

During her 25 years as an educator, Dr. Suzanne Newell has learned that the key to progress is less about finding the right answers and more about leveraging the right questions. As an educator in classrooms ranging from first grade through serving as an adjunct doctoral professor, she holds steadfastly to the student experience as a driver in all she does. Having supervised all types of curriculum design and development and led teams through a multitude of changes including strategic plan transformation, reorganization, digitization of curriculum, and designs for system-wide professional learning, she brings a wealth of experience and a spirit of inquiry to each opportunity.  While the classroom experience drives the work Dr. Newell does, much of her leadership career has been in central office within districts of all sizes and demographics.  In her current role in Austin ISD, she oversees curriculum design, including the development of a new COVID-related, student-facing online curriculum that has been instrumental in providing an equitable, high-quality learning experience for students in grades PK-12.

Picture of Dr. Suzanne Newell