The Renaissance Institute

Trusted Advisors in Educational Technology and Information Systems

Your Best Option for Educational Technology Strategic Planning

The Renaissance Institute provides cost-effective and productive integration of technology. We are experienced practitioners, bringing decades of successful experience in education and technology to you on an as-needed basis. We are fee-only advisors, meaning we are product and vendor-neutral. This allows us to provide personal, independent advice that is best for your organization.

We provide increased accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness while decreasing costs in your organization.

The Institute is a veteran-owned business.

The Renaissance Institute
The Renaissance Institute

What We Do

  • Strategic Planning and Tactical Road Maps for Your Technology Program
  • Executive Training, Coaching, and Mentorship
  • Digital Review of Upcoming Purchases and Initiatives
  • Ongoing Program Support

Who We Work With

  • K-12 Schools of all sizes
  • Universities
  • Nonprofits

What We Believe

  • We believe in and support public and private education.
  • We believe that teachers are the most important element in a school system and in a child's education.
  • We believe that technology plays a vital role in supporting teachers, administrators, and staff.
  • We believe that intelligent and wise use of technology will modernize education at all levels.

Why Us

  • We are trusted advisors to K-12 leaders and will never jeopardize that trust.
  • We remain vendor and product-neutral in order to maintain that trust.
  • All decisions and advice are grounded in the best interest of the client.
  • Our client list is also our reference list.